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Old Friends

I remember the days
When we could speak with the stars,
Feel the wind like an old friend’s embrace.
I remember the nights
When the moon looked so beautiful with all her scars,
And the earth never let us be afraid of heights.

I remember the tales
That the birds used to sing into our souls,
Weave them into our fates.
I remember the quiet songs
That filled our minds with their healing tones,
We knew nothing in the world was wrong.

Where have those times gone now?
Why are all the birds in hiding now?
Where can I find my old friends now?
Will I ever speak to the stars again now?

I look at all the photographs
That I keep safe within my heart,
I listen to all the melodies
That nature has left in my memory.

I read all the letters
That the world wrote to my soul.
I read them over and over again,
For the good times, I hope,
Aren’t really gone forever as it seems today.
I hope against hope
To find my lost friends again.

Maybe they don’t trust me like they used to
Or maybe they were scared
Of what we were turning into,
Maybe I never showed them that I cared.
Maybe I crossed a line,
Maybe I went too far
Trying to pretend the truth was a lie,
Never realising I was pushing us apart.

Maybe waiting isn’t the answer,
Sometimes it takes more than just wishing
For a curse to end.
Maybe hoping isn’t the solution
Sometimes it takes more than just prayers
For a broken bond to mend.

I know it takes more than will
I know it takes a little more than a heart
To set right what we unwittingly tore apart.
I know it requires actions,
I know it takes concrete steps
To win back the trust of my old friends.

So I’m trying to be silent
So the stars can speak again,
I’m trying to be more kind
So I can return the wind’s embrace.
I’m turning off my lights
So the moon can shine with her scars,
I’m scaling the mountain’s height
So the earth knows I’m never too far.
I’m trying to listen more
So the birds can tell me their tales
I’m trying to breathe a little slow
So I can sing along to the quiet again.



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