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The Sirens’ Lullaby

I return to the sea
That has now turned black.
I hear silent sobs with every
Step on the sand.
I’ve returned to the sea
That has now turned black.

I know my home is now lost-
I’ve been away for too long.
And I know her heart is broken
From all the years she squandered waiting
For her children to come back,
She has now turned black.

Some of us know
And some have yet to learn
That the tide’s been running low,
And the sands have turned sallow,
That many of the creeks that used to lead us home
Are no more.

There’s nothing to do about it anymore-
The children of the sea can only mourn
And there is no one to blame
But the children who had abandoned their way.
So I kneel down to pray
To the sirens that devour
The lost ones,
For I am a lost soul now.
And so I kneel down and I pray-

“O Sirens, sing me a lullaby
Of the Sun,
Of the land where the rivers
Never run dry.
O Sirens, let me drown
O Sirens, drag me down
To the depths
Where my home is.”

And I wait in silence
For the Sirens
To answer my prayer.
And I hear the first voice emanate
With the Sun’s first ray
And then comes another
And another,
Building into a chorus,
Making me smile
As the Sirens sing me
My last lullaby



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