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Dear Tomorrow

I know you’ve been trying
To do your best
I know we can’t stop time
And you can’t rest.
I know you have plans for me
That I don’t always agree with,
And you know I have some plans for you
But we know that I can never win.

You know I sometimes see you
As my enemy,
Trying to hold me back.
And you know I sometimes see you
As a blessing,
But then you always end.
I don’t understand why
You always end
Just as I start to think that I’m beginning to understand you.

And I don’t understand why
You always end
Only to come back again
To give me a second chance,
Sometimes to bring me the same torment.
You never give me time to understand you,
But you always return like a faithful friend.

Dear Tomorrow, I know it’s impossible to read you
And they say it’s impossible to win.
I know it’s impossible to convince you
To let me win.
You have plans for me, I understand.
But I have plans for you too.
So even though you’ll do what’s needed, my friend,
I’ll rise again like you do
For you have taught me very well
That I must try my best too.



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