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Daughter of the Earth- Chapter 1

Once upon a time
Long long ago
We used to look for fairies
Outside our bedroom window
Right before we fell asleep.
Once upon a time
Long long ago
We could hear them sing
When we opened the door
That led to the woods filled with magic.

Once upon a time
Long long ago
The fairies would call out to us,
They used to tap on the window
When the spring turned into summer.
Once upon a time
Long long ago
We could see them change their colours,
Hear them sing a different note
When the fall turned into winter.

Oh, we never saw those simpler times
Disappear into a void,
Turn into smoke
As the magical woods gave way to the cities,
And our minds didn’t believe in fairies anymore.
Oh, we never even told them goodbye
As we worked day and night,
Putting together brick and stone
To build grand towers to lock ourselves up inside
And to lock all the fairies out.

Yes, there stands a grand city
Where the magical woods used to be,
And there stands another grand tower
Where the Sun once planted her garden.
And we work in a grand palace
Where there are no doors or windows,
So we are never distracted
By the childish ideas of magic.

We know not
If the Spring is coming,
Or if the Fall is gone
We know only
That we are now happy
And that no one is lonely.
We don’t know
That the fairies starved,
That they died without a home,
For we were taught
That they were never real,
That the woods were from a children’s story.
And without any windows to look out of,
That was the only truth we could believe.



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