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Daughter of the Earth-Chapter 2

All the woods have turned to cities,
Except for a little patch of trees
That remains, guarded by the haunted library
No one goes there, no
For the words in all its pages have grown old-
They’re of no use to our people anymore
For we know some things were never meant to last,
We are men of the future, that is our path
And we choose not to be haunted by the deeds of our past.

No one needs the old library,
But no one demolishes it.
They say it’s haunted,
That you can never leave once you enter it.
The ghosts of our past protect it,
They are in all the words on all the pages.
Yes, all the old words are haunted,
They say they never let you go.
No, we don’t believe in fairies,
But everyone knows about the ghosts.

And right next to the woods
Guarded by the ghosts in the books,
Lived a princess-
A princess among a thousand others
Trapped in their tall, beautiful towers,
Whose walls would protect them from the Sun,
The wind, the Moon and the Earth,
And everything that would be a distraction,
So that the princess could toil and work
To take our world into the future.

She was happy where she was
Yes, she was content
She knew she had a purpose,
And she had a few good friends.
Yes, she was happy and she was content,
And once or twice, she’d also been broken
But these ordeals were what taught her the art
Of not yearning for anything
That wasn’t meant to last.

And so she’d built her great tower
With its gleaming ivory walls
So she wouldn’t need to go any farther
Than where she always was.
It shone in the sunlight,
Never letting any of it in
Because looking at the woods would give her a fright
And to look at the Sun would be a sin.
And there she lived, happy and content,
Now that she’d forgotten the Sun,
Until a great storm came and brought with it
A message, that a new chapter had begun.



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