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Daughter of the Earth-Chapter 3

She knew she had a purpose
Right where she lived
And maybe she was also afraid of the unknown
So she never left
The polished walls of the palace
And the secure confines of her tower,
So slowly she learned to forget
Just how much she needed the Sun.

She knew she was needed where she was
So she never tried to leave,
For she was too afraid to get lost
Trying to find something she didn’t need
She worked hard where she was,
She had responsibilities
She knew her people needed her,
So she never tried to leave.

But she never realized
That stepping out of her confines
Didn’t mean leaving her loyalty behind,
That fulfilling her purpose
Didn’t mean she always had to stay-
It could never teach her to be better, anyway
And that’s what the storm
Decided to teach her that day.

It turned a wall to dust
And tore another apart
In her gleaming ivory tower
Where she used to hide her obsidian heart.
And as the thunder called her name,
She realised how it was to feel afraid
Of the invisible hands of the wind
That snatched her away
From her secure confines,
So her way back she could never find.

But little did she know
That she was not the only one
Snatched away from her home,
For there were two souls seeking to return
To the safety of their homes.
And as the Sun started to retreat
Behind the horizon,
She realized how much she needed her
And as the dawn closed in and she picked
Her way through the unknown,
She soon learned that she was not alone.       



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