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Daughter of the Earth-Chapter 4

Carried so far from home,
Cold, lost and alone,
And for the first time,
Feeling more than just a little frightened.
And although she didn’t quite understand why,
She also felt a spark of excitement
At the thought of what new worlds she could find,
Thinking of the chance of finding a bigger purpose
Than her own small, secure world.
And so, even though she was scared, she had hope.

So she picked her way
Through her new surroundings
And even when the path didn’t seem straight,
She didn’t find it as confounding
As she had thought she would.
And despite being scared and alone,
She also felt secure
Among the giant guardians of emerald and wood.
Yes, she thought she was lost and alone
Until she heard a new voice emanate
From behind a green curtain.

It was a strange, new voice
That spoke a different language,
One unlike any she’d ever heard.
And as she parted the emerald curtain
And looked for the source of the strange words,
She wasn’t sure if it was someone
Asking for help
Or simply singing to themselves.
Pursuing the origin of the mysterious voice,
She never prepared herself for the surprise.

For who sang the strange words
Was no human,
But another creature entirely-
Small, beautiful and winged,
Just as the old tales described the fairies.
And although the fairy had his wings,
He did not take flight
Even at the sight
Of a human, one of the many
Who had driven all the fairies into exile.

Perhaps he was injured,
Or perhaps he was simply used to being alone.
She couldn’t tell which of these was true,
Perhaps it was both.
But as the Sun began to set
And though neither asked the other for help,
They chose to accompany each-other as they looked for safety.
And as the darkness began to creep in,
They both found themselves making their way
To the abandoned library.



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