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Daughter of the Earth-Chapter 5

In the middle of nowhere
And yet at the centre of two worlds,
Stood the ancient structure
With walls crumbling to dust.
With the red of the dusk approaching,
The ghosts of the forgotten library
Didn’t seem very scary.
So that was where they let fate lead them
Together, yet separate,
Neither speaking a word.

Stepping through an old, broken door
Into a world both new and old,
They let their fears melt away
As they looked for shelter from the cold,
Both still silent,
Not finding any use for the words
That neither would understand anyway.
Even though each was thankful for the other’s presence,
It seemed it wasn’t the ghosts,
But each-other that they feared.

She wandered around the library
While there was still some light,
Wondering how she could be so afraid
Of someone so tiny,
Of someone she should be trying to protect,
Of someone who quite likely was her responsibility
For that particular day.
And yet, she felt afraid-
Afraid of him, like she was afraid of all things new,
Of all things she wasn’t accustomed to.

So instead of asking the little fairy
What he would need,
She wandered around waiting for a ghost.
But she never saw any,
So she turned her attention to a tome,
Preparing for the words to trap her soul.
But what she found instead
Was a story of the old green kingdom
And the gardens of the Sun-
Stories that no one told at the palace.

As she moved from one page to the next,
She didn’t realize that she had left
A part of her soul
Intertwined with all the words
That had managed to touch her heart.
And just as the evening turned dark,
The last words of the day
Revealed to her, her fairy’s name-
The scripture said that the dawn loved to hear him sing,
And that the old world called him “Robin”.



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