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Daughter of the Earth-Chapter 6

“Isn’t it strange,
How a name has the power
To make even the most fearsome monster
Suddenly seem humane?”
The princess thought to herself.
Perhaps they were not so different,
And perhaps they were not the same.
Perhaps they were somewhere in between,
But they were two different beings-
Where else could she expect them to be?

But even though knowledge is a powerful light,
Fear is a stubborn darkness
That does not easily fade away.
So holding on to both shadow and light,
She found herself looking at him with new eyes
As little Robin shivered, trying to fall asleep,
For the first time, she wished she could help him,
Wished she knew what he would need
But she didn’t, so she closed her eyes beside him,
Telling herself that the cold was a daunting enemy.

The Dawn announced her arrival
With the fairy’s once-forgotten music
That sounded like an answer
To the princess’s prayers for survival.
Yes, it seemed the creature was indeed
Born from magic,
Born from the Sun.
As she looked at the land
Illuminated by her beautiful light,
She started to realize that even she might
Be a daughter of a greater world.

As the fairy continued to sing,
She took her first look at the Sun,
At the world now illuminated,
She couldn’t remember why
She had never before looked at it,
Why she had shut off her mind
To the possibility of the world and her role
Being greater than what she was told.
And as the vestiges of doubt started fading,
She felt grateful for the insight.

She mumbled her quiet thanks
To the tiny creature,
Not sure he would understand
What she said and why,
But he stopped singing for a moment
To look in her direction.
Perhaps he did understand her,
Or perhaps he did not.
But she hoped it was the start of a friendship
Between the Child of the Sun
And the Daughter of the Earth.



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