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Oh you’ve been waiting forever
For someone to love you back
Just the way you’ve loved them.
Oh you’ve been hurting forever,
Thinking you’re not good enough,
Wondering why you don’t have a friend.

And we watch from the shadows
As you shut our voices out,
Unwilling to believe in magic any more.
You say the truth hurts,
But we can’t tell you otherwise,
As you question your worth.

Oh, little child
We wish we could open your eyes,
Show you there’s nothing wrong
With the way that you are,
With the way that you were,
There’s nothing wrong with who you’ll become.
Oh, we wish we could tell you what you’re worth.

Oh, little child,
Won’t you open your mind
To our voices, so we can tell you
It’s not your fault,
That you can still be loved,
That you’re never truly alone,
Oh, won’t you let us tell you what you’re worth?

If only you could believe in some magic,
It could change the way you look at the truth
And if you could open your eyes
You could see life’s not so tragic,
Maybe you could even realize
That you could’ve loved yourself all along.
And maybe you could even see
That you never really had to be alone,
That you have always been worthy.



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