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A million butterflies flutter around me,
Brushing my skin with their wings.
And every touch lasts an eternity,
I can feel my soul shattering.
There’s nothing gentle about the way
Sometimes beautiful takes your breath away,
Never to return it.
It’s not strange that something so frail
Can cause you so much pain,
Life can sometimes be twisted.

I want to shut my eyes,
I want to scream my lungs out.
But I also want to watch the butterflies
And hear their melodious wings beat about.
I can’t decide what to do with my pain-
Should I shut it all out,
Or should I let everything in?
Tell me, butterflies,
Should I stop feeling everything?

But I’ve shut it out before-
All the pain and suffering.
And I remember shutting out
All the beauty with it.
I remember locking every door
Before the butterflies found their way back in,
Just to answer a question I would ask
After a lifetime had passed.

I suppose I already know
What they would say
If they had a voice.
I suppose I already know
That accepting the pain
Is my own choice.
I suppose I know
That I need all the pain that I fear
Because it reminds me I can still feel
And I suppose I know
That even though it makes me feel weak,
It is pain that teaches me empathy.
It’s fragile, it scares me, it’s like a butterfly’s wings,
But it’s empathy that gives me my strength.



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