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Oh I know I can’t always feel
Everything that you do,
And I know you have different dreams
Than the ones that I do.
And even though I call you my friend,
I can’t help wondering
If you’d understand
What it means for me to wish that I had
Just a moment in the day when I could
Believe in magic, the way that you can.

Oh I know It’s been a while
Since I spoke to my heart,
And all I can do now is to miss the times
That I once wished would last.
And even though my heart is still mine,
I can’t help but notice
The silence getting louder,
No matter how closely I try to listen.
So I make a wish every day that I could
Believe in magic, the way my heart once did.

So I make a wish and set it free
To look for what it needs
To come true.
And I wait here in silence
With my heart and its silence,
For my wish to come true.



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