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I keep going in circles
For years and years,
Making the same mistakes.
I keep walking and walking
For hours and hours
Until my feet bleed and ache.
And I can’t stop
I can’t slow down.
Because I’m running,
But I don’t know how.
Will I get there in time?
Will I even survive?
I can’t tell where I’m going
When I just keep coming
Back to the dreary beginning
Of every second of my suffering.
Will this ever stop?
Why do I even have to go on?
Someone tell me why I can’t stop.
Because I am tired
And hurt and in pain
I am bleeding,
It has all been in vain.
Oh tell me this can stop
If I get off the road right now.
Oh tell me it’ll come to an end
If I quit now, I will not feel this again.
So I am stepping off my road,
So I’m finally letting you go
Before I bleed to my death,
Before the pain turns me into something else.



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