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Oh Sunlight
I watch you falling through the trees,
Filtering through the leaves,
All so willing to fall with you.
Oh Sunlight
I watch you find your way to my dreams,
Reminding me how it feels
To be willing to follow you,

I watch you from under my covers,
Afraid I might scare you.
I hold my breath as you glide and flutter,
Afraid I might intrude.
Oh Sunlight,
I want to tell you you’re beautiful,
But I don’t say a word.
I want to bring you joy, like you bring me
But I don’t know how to.
So I watch you from behind the curtain,
And I don’t say a word.

Oh Sunlight
I listen as you hum your songs,
The music rising with the dawn,
As you sing about new beginnings.
Oh Sunlight,
I feel your embrace as you touch the world,
I forget how it feels to be numb
As you pull me out of hiding.



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