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Dewdrops on blades of green,
Show me a new dream
Every morning
Before you disappear,
Remind me why I’m here.
Drops of water turning into icy shards,
Tell me how to find my resolve
Every morning
Before you melt away,
Give me a reason to stay.

Oh why do I look to all that’s fleeting
In hope of finding something permanent.
All I do is ask for signs
To go on,
But you tell me it’s in vain.
Is there no sign
That I could be right,
Is it really all in vain?
Or is it that I’m looking for the right signs
In the wrong place?

Should I be asking the Sun as it’s rising
To show me a new beginning
Every morning,
As it ushers in a new day?
Should I be asking the firefly
To help me find my light
Every evening,
So maybe I’ll have a reason to stay?



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