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I watch a butterfly
Flutter by,
Filling me with joy.
And then I forget
That I had to open
My eyes to feel it.
I feel the prick
Of a thorn
From a rose I try to pick,
And I’ll always remember
To stay away
From what I find beautiful.

They say pain and fear
Make great teachers,
They make us wise.
And that’s how the world
Teaches us important lessons-
That’s the way of life.
I suppose it must be true,
If they say we have no choice
Than to accept what life gives us,
And turn it into our wisdom.

But I’ve felt more
Than pain and fear-
I’ve felt love and joy.
Does that not mean
I can choose my lessons?
Are they not part of life?
Can’t I choose to learn
How to open my eyes,
Do I have to learn
That beauty is something to avoid?

If only we were willing
To learn from our joy
Just as we are willing
To learn from our pain,
Perhaps we would be different
From who we are today.
I know pain makes us stronger,
And sorrows make us wise.
But perhaps joy can do so too,
If we were to give it a try.



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