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The Mist and the Sun

The mist shrouds the world in mystery,
Obscuring the obvious.
The sun still tries to shine through it all,
As if it’s curious
To see what lies
Under the misty cover of the world,
As though it still believes
There’s something worth finding,
As though it still has faith
In what it can’t yet see,
As though can still endure
And have the strength to dream.

The sun tries to illuminate the world,
Shine on what’s hidden.
The mist still holds its ground against the warmth,
As if it’s adamant
To protect its secrets
From all who try to steal its heart,
As though it’s unwilling to believe
There’s something worth trusting,
As though it has no faith
In the very things it can see,
As though it’s tired
Of holding on to its dreams.

And yet, there are moments
When the sun succeeds
In finding its way through the misty barrier
Or is it that the mist
Occasionally lets it in?
Is it that the sun’s warmth
Has managed to melt
Even the mist’s heart,
Or has the untrusting mist
Finally decided
To trust someone else?

They leave us wondering
How it came to be-
How the world turned so magical,
How fears turned into dreams,
As the mist and the sun unite
Every once in a while.
They leave me wondering
If I can afford to believe
That my world can be magical,
If my fears can turn into dreams.



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