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There’s darkness
And it scares me.
There’s silence
And it torments me.
It’s all that’s there
When I look into my soul
When I try to find faith.
Just a handful of faith
In someone I can’t see.
That’s all I ask for,
Yet it always evades me.

There’s no light
To give me hope.
There are no prayers
For me to invoke
A little faith.
They say faith is a light,
Faith is a prayer.
But all those things evade me.

All there is
Is a mirror.
There is no light
But there’s a reflection,
As though it doesn’t care
For the darkness,
As though it doesn’t need
A prayer,
As though it doesn’t believe
In the form that we
Assign to faith,
To hope-
It’s as though it doesn’t need to.

And I glance into it,
Try to see where
It finds the light to reflect
In the suffocating darkness.
And I see a familiar face
Looking back,
As though it doesn’t need
The light to see.

Perhaps light is not
The only form that faith
Can choose to take.
Perhaps prayers are not
The only means
To imbue it into our being.
Perhaps faith does not
Have to be a stranger,
An abstract concept
To give us strength.
Perhaps its nature
Is something we can
Decide for ourselves.



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