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The mirror speaks words I can’t hear,
I see my reflection, but it’s unclear,
So I turn to you
To tell me who I am,
To tell me my role.
You’re one of many, so you must be right.
You’re just like your paintings, clear and bright.
So you must know
Who we are supposed to be,
So you must know my role
Just like you know your own.

So tell me who I’m supposed to be,
Tell me what roles define me,
Because I can’t seem to hold on
To who I see in my reflection.
So tell me who I’m supposed to be,
Tell me what roles define me.
I’ll believe every word you say.
I don’t know who else to be anyway,
Even if my reflection
Isn’t as unclear as I say.
Even if I can understand
The words my mirror speaks everyday.

But I can’t be who it tells me I am,
You tell me it’s weakness
If I ask to be saved.
No I can’t be who I think I really am,
For it hurts my reputation
When I look scared.
So tell me who I need to be,
So give me a new role to play.
Because I’ve been told I’ll never win
If I tell them I’m scared,
And I won’t ever deserve to live
If I ask to be saved,
Even if that’s what I need right now.
Because I can’t afford to let you down.



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